Our storyline


In 2004, Laurent Nobs founds RTV-Sat in Gland.


Laurent Isabella joins him and the two partners develop their business around satellite and TV installations. The evolution of technology is gradually moving the core business to the high-end audiovisual and home automation segments.

RTV-Sat becomes Fréquence TV.

Initially Fréquence TV is particularly dedicated to a residential clientele in the cantons of Geneva and Vaud.


The company employs 5 people.


The year 2015 marks a turning point with the merger between Fréquence TV and Lerch Audiovisuel, the key high-end hifi actor of the Côte region.

Fréquence TV starts training apprentices.


In 2016 Fréquence TV counts 10 Employees and moves from Gland to Nyon.


A new Bang & Olufsen show-room is inaugurated in 2017.


Partnerships with several brands of high-end products (Bang & Olufsen, LG, Crestron, Lutron …) are reinforced, and our flagship store “La Boutique Bang & Olufsen” opens in Geneva.

With 20 Employees, Fréquence TV is the largest audiovisual and home automation specialist in Western Switzerland.

Thanks to the discipline acquired by satisfying the most demanding residential clients and the client-first approach, Fréquence TV grows quickly in the institutional and enterprise segments.


Alessandro Marangoni joins the company as General Manager, seconded by Laurent Isabella, while Antoine Dändliker takes responsibility for the Operations.

The company joins the UN Global Compact Initiative.

The company counts close to 30 Employees.


Our philosophy

Qualitative solutions made easy

Client satisfaction lies at the heart of what we do. This starts with fully understanding the clients’ expectations in order to present the most adapted solutions.

Then we follow through with the project with the flexibility required to accommodate last minute changes by the client or delays on other parts of the project.

At all times we remain in contact with our clients or their representatives

Over the years this fully committed approach to serving our clients allowed us to develop relationships of trust with our clients, whether residential or institutional/enterprise ones.

We look forward to welcoming you either in Nyon or in Geneva to hear about your project.

High-end products

Through the partnerships established with top-of-the-line brands, such as Crestron, Bose Pro, Lutron, Bang & Olufsen, Bowers & Wilkins, LG, McIntosh, and many more, we seek above all to offer qualitative solutions that are easy to use and will evolve in the future.


Our Values

Family spirit

Right next to our clients stand our Employees, and thanks to a mostly organic growth over the past 15 years, Fréquence TV assembled a team of experts united around common values.


Each member of our team is responsible for a portfolio of clients. This organization allows us to ensure a personalized monitoring of facilities: clients don’t work with an anonymous technician but with a partner you know, whose skills match your technical needs.

We are convinced that this autonomy offers the best service to our customers.


Thanks to our team spirit, we are able to arrange our schedules quickly and be responsive to clients’ emergencies.


Although historically located in the La Côte region, we follow our clients according to their needs, everywhere in Switzerland and abroad.


In our very specific field of activity and in perpetual evolution, we rely on the training of apprentices to renew our workforce and maintain our skills at the level expected by our customers.

We continuously follow the latest developments in the audiovisual and home automation fields in order to always offer the most advanced solutions.