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Lutron & Fréquence TV: Revolutionize the Atmosphere of Your Business

In the dynamic business world, efficiency and aesthetics go hand in hand to create an ideal working environment. At Fréquence TV, we are proud to partner with Lutron, a leader in lighting and blind management solutions. This article explores how Lutron products bring elegance, convenience, security and protection to your business.

Elegance & Ambiance
First impressions are crucial in the business world. Whether for a hotel, restaurant or office, Lutron lighting and blinds provide an elegant and welcoming ambiance. With a range of styles and colors, these solutions fit seamlessly into your decor, reinforcing your company’s brand image.

Planning is a key part of business management. Lutron systems allow precise programming of lights and shades, automatically adjusting at set times. This feature ensures a perfect ambiance throughout the day, without manual effort.

Safety & Security
The security of your business is paramount. Lutron offers a virtual babysitting feature, controlling lighting based on your location. This innovative technology can turn on lights when you arrive and alert you if any lights are left on. Plus, the Smart Away system makes it seem like someone is always there, even when you’re not there, by turning the lights on and off randomly.

Reduces Reflections and Protects Furniture
Lutron shading systems diffuse light and prevent glare from washing out computer or television screens. Shading systems also protect furniture, artwork, rugs and even wooden surfaces from harmful UV rays. Stay cool in summer and warm in winter by using shading systems to deflect or capture solar heat.

Simplified Configuration
Installation and configuration of Lutron systems is simplified with the dedicated app. Installers can quickly configure the system, allowing business owners to access and manage their systems easily. When needed, professional assistance is easily accessible through the app.

Lutron is more than a provider of lighting and shade solutions; it is a strategic partner for your business. By choosing Lutron, you are investing in efficiency, elegance, security and durability. Contact Fréquence TV to find out how Lutron can transform your professional space.