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Audiovisual and home automation concepts

Frequence TV offers the study, supply, integration and maintenance of audiovisual and home automation systems in the field of business and hospitality. 30 technicians at your service in Switzerland and abroad.

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Sound system

The quality of your audio system plays a role in the impact your speakers will have on their audience. Give your listeners more experience with a Bose sound system.


The projectors must be chosen according to different criteria: the size of the room and the canvas, the type of projection, the format of the image and the quality of it.

IP audio-video matrix

The matrices provide functions of transport, distribution and switching of all types of audio and video signals, without altering the quality of the contents.


Microphone solutions for various rooms and requirements: wired or wireless, permanently installed or mobile. All presentation microphones are optimized for the human voice and provide exceptional speech intelligibility.

Video conference

Communication infrastructure for your meeting rooms, with mobile applications for smartphones and tablets.


Evacuation systems help ensure safety in your buildings and activity areas.

Global control system, home automation

The installation of products such as walls and ceilings stretched, allows the acoustic balance of your living space respecting a sleek designWe ensure, thanks to Crestron technology, the control of all the elements of a room: audio, video , lighting, blinds, as well as any heating and air conditioning system.

IPTV, Digital signage

Distribution solutions for television channels, cameras and other information content, such as a restaurant menu or local events; in all rooms of a hotel or building.

Room booking

A meeting room reservation management solution allows you to make the most of your available meeting rooms.

Acoustic fabric

The acoustic correction of a room has the main advantage of improving the well-being and acoustic comfort of its occupants.

Wall of screens and LED

Indoor or outdoor diffusion of large images. Depending on your context, you can broadcast live broadcasts, show technical visuals or simply create friendly spaces through the play of images.