Fréquence TV

TV Frequency: 20 years of Excellence in Audiovisual Integration in Switzerland.

A Success Story of Two Decades

Since its creation 20 years ago, Fréquence TV has left its mark on the audiovisual integration industry in French-speaking Switzerland. Our commitment to excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction has allowed us to become an undisputed leader in this field.

Tailored Solutions for All Projects

Our team of experienced and passionate professionals has carried out tailor-made installations for residential, tertiary and hotel projects. From audiovisual distribution to home automation, including security systems, we have been able to combine reliability, aesthetics and innovation to offer an exceptional user experience. Each project is unique, and we do everything we can to meet the most demanding needs of our clients.

Prestigious Partners and Clients

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with prestigious partners and clients. Their trust and loyalty have been essential to our success. We would like to warmly thank them for their fruitful collaboration. Together, we have completed projects that have left their mark on the industry and continue to inspire.

Our Team’s Commitment

Our success is also based on the commitment and dedication of our team. Our technical experts, designers, installers and advisors are passionate about their profession. They stay at the forefront of new technologies and market trends to ensure superior solutions. Each member of the team contributes to our collective success.

Towards New Challenges

On this special occasion, we express our gratitude to everyone who has contributed to our journey. We look forward to taking on new challenges and continuing our mission of excellence in the years to come. The next 20 years promise to be exciting, and we are ready to continue to innovate, create and serve our customers with the same passion and dedication.
Thank you all for these 20 extraordinary years, and see you for the next 20!