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Crestron connected housing in 2024: design-build trends for intelligent and aesthetic living

In an age where internet connectivity rivals electricity in its importance to our homes, smart solutions are no longer just a novelty, but a necessity. Today, technology integrators and the design-build community are joining forces to create solutions that combine intuitive technology and refined aesthetics, placing connected living at the heart of modern homes.


At the start of 2024, lighting remains at the top of emerging trends. Crestron, as Fréquence TV’s partner of choice, positions itself as a leader in innovation by integrating avant-garde lighting fixtures. Emphasis is placed on the importance of adjustable lighting following the natural rhythms of the sun, with research highlighting their growing benefits. Automated blinds, developed with ever-increasing elegance by companies like Crestron, complement these solutions for harmonious integration.

“We’ve had lighting management for years, but introducing our own fixtures to the market really took us to another level,” says JoAnn Arcenal, Director of Business Development at Crestron. In addition to the quality and reliability Crestron is known for, introducing fixtures with a variety of trim options ensures the technology and its surrounding aesthetic are matched. “Pair this with Crestron Home OS 4, and the homeowner can create scenes using the platform’s controls, like sliders and color wheels on their touchscreens,” she adds. “It’s really powerful and very intuitive.”

Monteleone highlights the potential of sensors, emphasizing their usefulness in applications as simple as a motion sensor light fixture. This technology opens the way to versatile solutions, adapted to various everyday needs.


Beyond functionalities, the trends of 2024 evoke a deeper philosophy, that of the “efficient home”. This approach, supported by partners like Crestron and Fréquence TV, offers solutions adapted to all ages and abilities. Integrating the outdoor environment indoors becomes an imperative, creating a refuge where technology improves every aspect of our daily lives.

“The furniture is the same, the lighting is the same – nothing has changed except the way you present that room to yourself,” she says. “You transformed space with technology.”

Arcenal highlights the transformative power of technology. Personalized scenes, soothing music and lighting adjustments help shape the atmosphere of the home depending on the time of day.

In short, the trends for 2024 demonstrate the pursuit of innovation by Crestron, in partnership with Fréquence TV. Together, they are redefining the smart living experience by integrating technology seamlessly and aesthetically into every corner of our homes.