Bose Professional

Signal processing, Networking & Acoustique design

The Bose Professionnel design office has specific tools to ensure the quality of the broadcast and the coverage in direct and reverberated field. All projects require a precise and respectful study of the requests of the specifications.

Working with Bose is the guarantee of an acoustic success for your projects.

Administration | Communal Room | Auditorium | School | Theater | Hospital | Sports Center | Stadium | Communal swimming pool | Place of worship | Aula | Amphitheater | Theater | Discotheque | Hospitality | Arena | Scene | etc.


With over 20 amplifier SKUs available today, Bose, Professional offers a full portfolio to meet a wide range of needs. From multi-channel, high-output power amplifiers for driving foreground and live music reproduction, to combination mixer/amplifiers for background music and paging. They offer a high level of scalability, configurability and connectivity Patented Bose technology ensures high-quality, reliable sound performance that’s supported by a Limited warranty covering five years from the date of purchase.

Processing & Networking

A variety of flexible and easily configurable engineered sound processors help deliver the audio performance and ease-of-use businesses depends on. The processors create versatile, easy-to-control sound systems that enable source selection, routing and general processing for a predictable solution to nearly any project.


For more than 40 years, Bose Professional loudspeakers have demonstrated excellence in sound quality and reliability in some of the world’s leading performing arts centers, auditoriums, houses of worship, sports arenas, retail shops, hotels, conference rooms, dance clubs, and live music venues. Wherever premium sound quality is valued, you are likely to find Bose Professional loudspeakers.